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★Keep reaching for the stars★

~Where the lazy resides~

Don't mind the tomato on my head.

Hello everyone~. My name is Kat and I'm a 20 year old, poor college student. I'm generally friendly because I want people to like me, but I can be pissy, bicthy, and whiny just like everyone else. Which is probably a bad thing. Anyway, I don't post much and I'm probably gonna change my journal to friends only sometime soon. For now it is semi-friends only and if you add me I will generally add you back. I'm into a lot of things but I'll just list my top obsessions fandoms that I'm currently into: Transformers(G1, Beastwars, TFA, IDW, Bayverse, Prime), Star Trek(Reboot, TOS), Merlin, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Young Justice and Tiger and Bunny.


.hack, acting, ah! my goddess, alice in wonderland, apple jack, baccano!, band, batman, beachcomber, beast wars, birdy the mighty, birth by sleep, black blood brothers, blood +, brave police j-decker, breakdown, bumblebee, bumper robinson, cheetor, chibi vampire, cliffjumper, cliffjumper/mirage, dan green, dancing, darren shan saga, david kaye, dc comics, deforest kelly, disney, dresden files, final fantasy dissidia, flute, fluttershy, friends only banner, g gundam, gaogaigar, gargoyles, gary chalk, generator rex, george takei, gravitation, greg burger, gundam wing, guy/luke, harry potter, hatoful boyfriend, hitman reborn!, hot rod, hot rod/sunstreaker, ian james corlett, jetfire, jetstorm, johnny young bosch, kamina/simon, kekkaishi, kevin michael richardson, kingdom hearts 2, kingdom hearts yaoi, kirk/mccoy, kirk/spock, kirk/spock/mccoy, kyo kara mao, legend of zelda, leonard nimoy, lord of the rings, loveless, luna, lynn minmay, marvel comics, marvel slash, megaman x, metal gear solid, michael mcconnohie, miles tails prower, mirage/cliffjumper, momogumi plus senki, monochrome factor, music, natsume yuujinchou, okiku furikabutte, omi/nagi, otomen, pandora hearts, paul eiding, perceptor, peter cullen, phil lamarr, pinkie pie, pokemon, princess princess, rainbow dash, ranma 1/2, rarity, robotech, robots, rock music, rodimus prime, rosario + vampire, sailor moon, sailor saturn, saiyuki, scott mcneil, scott pilgrim, shadow hearts, sherlock holmes, silver surfer, skyfire, softball, sonic the hedgehog, srmthfg, star ocean, star trek, starscream/sunstorm, steve blum, street fighters, suikoden, sunstorm, super hero squad show, superman returns, tales of the abyss, tales of xillia, tengen toppa gurren lagann, the slayers, tiger and bunny, tom kenny, tracks, transformers, transformers slash, tsuzuki asato, twilight sparkle, vampires, ven/roxas, walter koenig, weiss kreuz, wheeljack, wild arms, x-men, xenogears, xenosaga, yami no matsuei, youji/omi, young justice, yu yu hakusho, yu-gi-oh, yuri lowenthal